Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Frame

Exercise: A sequence of composition

In this sequence of images the practical aspects of composing an image are studied. Keeping a potential image within the viewfinder at all times is quite difficult. I chose to take a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh for this exercise as there are always guaranteed crowds of spectators and street artists to photograph.

Like most, I would normally only take a photograph once I had decided on the subject, maybe taking a variety of different views and angles until I was happy with the image. It felt a little awkward taking continuous shots of the street scene moving around crowds until the final image.

During the day I think I took about 300 photographs in total, some of which can be viewed on my flickr site, and I have whittled a series down to the following sequence for this exercise.

Arriving at the Edinburgh Fringe.

 Traffic control at the Royal Mile.

 Getting nearer to the crowds.

Spot a little boy having some fun.

Searching for a scene...........

Closing in on the performer.

Getting closer.

Trying to get an uninterrupted view.

Should it be a full view shot?

Or maybe a portrait?

Or work on getting an image from the details?

Tighter framing with a telephoto lens.

 Shutter speed not quite right.

 Almost there..................

 Try again.

 Not enough interest and the background too distracting.

 A tighter frame required to exaggerate reflection.

The final image.
I'm pleased with this image. The reflections of the street through the crystal ball worked out well. I have cropped the image to a square format as it makes the shape of the hands and the circular crystal ball more pronounced although a more experienced photographer may have taken this image in camera rather than cropped later in photoshop as I have.

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