Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Looking through the viewfinder

Exercise: Fitting the frame to the subject (4 Photographs)

The following images were taken in St Andrews University grounds and are of a rather quirky wooden sculpture which caught my eye.

The first image (Fig.1) is what I would call a "record shot" of the sculpture. It shows the full sculpture in its setting with no special thought given to composition. Its a bit ordinary.

Fig.1 Sculpture in Full
The second image Fig.2 places the sculpture more tightly within the frame and you can see a bit more of the detail. Fig. 3 is a closer crop and shows more of the texture and form of the sculpture.  

Fig. 3 Tighter crop.

Fig. 2 Sculpture within frame.


Fig.4 below shows a further variation on the crop and is taken at an angle to make the image more interesting. Fig.5 is an extremely tight crop.

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

 I like the vertical format of the framing as it suits the tall, lean dimensions of the sculpture. In this instance there is little in the surroundings of interest and so the only reason to include any background detail would be to include a sense of scale of the sculpture.

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