Monday, 20 September 2010

Objects in different positions in the frame

Exercise - 4 photographs

The objective of this exercise is to take 4 photographs with the main subject in different positions within the frame and assess the relationship between the subject and the background.

This first image of the Larrick Beacon, Tayport was taken without thinking too much about the exercise. This is actually quite difficult as I find I already subconsciously apply my own ideas about composition when taking photographs and also like to think I put some thought into composing a picture before pressing the shutter. However this is how I would have taken the picture. The cloudy sky is quite interesting so I have include more sky than foreground in the image and decided on a vertical format.

Larrick Beacon, Tayport

Beacon in centre of frame

Beacon centre left of frame
Beacon upper right of frame

The image with the Larrick Beacon placed centrally within the frame is balanced but not very interesting to look at. The next image with the Beacon placed towards the left of centre is more pleasing probably because it conforms to the "rule of thirds" that is commonly referred to in photography. Although aren't rules meant to be broken?

The final image has the Beacon positioned high in the frame towards the upper corner. The frame is unbalanced and I don't think there is not enough free space between the subject and the edge of the frame. Also there is not enough interest in either the sky or the sea to justify the amount of space give to each area. There may be some subjects that would suit this framing but I don't feel it works in this instance.

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