Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pitenweem Arts Festival - Fife. Keiko Mukaide

Last month, as a member of the St Andrews Photographic Society, I took part in the Pitenweem Arts Festival. Pitenweem is a small coastal village on the east coast of Fife which has a vibrant fishing harbour.

Over the past 28 years the festival has grown in size and is now one of Scotland's major art events. Its not just the visual arts that are exhibited but also music, poetry and drama. As well as many well known Scottish artists, internationally acclaimed artists have been invited guest exhibitors. Every public space in the village, library, church, hall, even peoples front rooms and garages are used to display art. 

One of the invited artists this year was Japanese artist Keiko Mukaide.
Keiko Mukaide at Pitenweem Arts Festival 2010
Keiko's exhibition involved projecting old portrait photographs and newly taken portraits onto a large suspended glass disk. The idea "suggestive of mirrors reflecting yourself but also past generations".  The exhibition which is entitled - Still Thinking of You - was specially commissioned to be used at The Old Men's Club at the harbour which was a meeting place for retired fishermen but is now a local community centre.

Unfortunately when I visited the exhibition I hadn't yet started this course and so didn't really take the time to study the exhibition and look for any "meaning". I was lucky enough to talk to the artist who explained that this exhibition was "a site specific installation" and was intended to portray "the ebb and flow of people moving in and out of the village" just like the old fisherman used to do watching the comings and goings at the old harbour. 

After speaking to the artist I could see quite clearly what she was trying to portray, but don't think I would have realised that was the intended meaning without the explanation. I fear understanding art might be beyond me.....

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