Thursday, 28 October 2010

Focal Lengths

Exercise - 3 - 10 photographs

This exercise involves taking a series of photographs from a stationary position using different lenses to study the effect focal length can make to an image. The following images were taken on a very cold and blustery day at St Andrews beach. The lenses I used for this exercise were a Canon telephoto lens with a focal length between 70-250mm changing to a Sigma wide angle lens with a focal length between 10-20mm.

This first image was taken with the Canon 70-250mm lens at 214mm.

The same lens at 96mm.

This next image was taken at 74mm on the Canon 70-250mm lens.


As the focal length of the lens gets shorter you can see the angle of view getting wider. This next image was taken at 55mm.
 Then changing to the Sigma 10-20mm lens for a much wider view below. This image taken at 20mm.
I have moved to the right of frame slightly for this image as the waves were lapping at my feet - but even if I hadn't moved - if you compare this image to the first image at 214mm they could have been taken at totally different places. The change in lens to a wide angle lens has totally changed the feel and style of the image.

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