Thursday, 11 November 2010

Happy Days....

Am I happy today or what!

 Just got my new computer monitor which is fab. It's like being at the pictures and I can actually see my photos in full at a decent size for once. No more peering at the screen or viewing different sections at a time. Going to make editing pictures much easier...

And on that subject, I have decided to print my images for Assignment 1 to about A4 size and mount them together as contrasting pairs. I think I must be the only person sending off prints to their tutor - everyone else seems to sending by e-mail or on disk. It has taken me longer to do it this way and it's more expensive but I personally prefer to see a picture in print. Completed light/dark - straight/curved - and transparent, rough and intermittent. 
Now, just got to finish the rest .................never seem to have enough days in the week!

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