Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I'm beginning to get really frustrated about my lack of progress in Assignment 1 and wish I had just e-mailed the images to my tutor and not bothered with the idea about printing them out and mounting them. I dread to think how much it has cost in ink, paper, mount board etc and, I know this is going to annoy others, but I am even more positive now that e-mailing them would have been the "easy" option. And by that I'm not suggesting that any less effort has gone into producing the images or that others are not working hard-that's really not what I mean and I don't want anyone to be offended.

It's not just the expense of it either. I can process an image on the PC and its exactly as I want it - come time to print it out and the monitor and printer need calibrating, the type of paper I have at home doesn't show off the image to its best or it's 101 other technical things. Do I print in all matt paper or glossy so that the whole assignment is cohesive and sits together as a whole or do I experiment with multiple papers on multiple images? Do I even
need to print the pictures at all? after all it says in the course notes that e-mail is acceptable.

It's not helped by the fact that both the kids have been off all week for "snow days". You try working at home with a gaggle of bored teenager friends. Can't even get out to take any pictures............... 

Why did I decide to print them out? Probably because I'm a bit old fashioned and old school and this technical thingy called the internet still gives me problems. I have no idea how I would present the images and accompanying text by e-mail. That for me is the more difficult option.

I am determined to get this assignment finished before Christmas. It was expected by my tutor in September so I'm way behind. I'll be out this week taking pictures even  if I have to dig myself out...........


  1. Emailing is the way forward and there are easy ways to make sure your pictures are presented the way you want them.
    If you use Lightroom you could save them as a PDF which is a good file size to send.

  2. Thanks for the tip David. I might need to look into getting Lightroom I use Photoshop at the moment- CS5. You know,the other reason I decided to print the images was that the OCA website and the tutor comments on Flickr both suggest that if you are going for assessment then prints are preferable. Has anyone had any feedback like this from their tutors?

  3. Possibly a bit late but for what it's worth Nicola I print mine at A4 and present them unmounted in plastic sleeves.

    From the start my tutor recommended printing saying that whilst I could submit electronically if I wanted to go for a degree assessment at the end of the module I would be well advised to print throughout so she could give advice on print quality etc.

    I use one type of paper for each assignment for the sake of a consistent presentation and also print all of the prints in one batch at the same time so I can ensure they are consistently presented. Laying 12 prints out together on the desk makes it very clear if one isn't in step presentationally.

    If you want me to share further with you how I present my assignments feel free to email me.