Thursday, 30 December 2010

"It's the photographer" - Lens - New York Times

Joao Silva Photojournalist

I came across this article in Lens by The New York Times which I have posted the link to above. The article by David Dunlap tells of the photojournalist, Joao Silva, who was working in Afghanistan alongside US army personnel and a unit of Afgan soldiers and police officers when he steps on an antipersonnel mine.

There is a slide show of the images taken from his memory card showing before the blast and amazingly 3 further shots after he had lost both his legs in the explosion. Mr Silva is recovering in hospital and funds are being raised for his treatment by the sale of some of his images. 

The interesting thing about the images is that they appear so innocuous. A local lad herds his goats down the street moments before, some locals pass on motorbikes the army personnel are quietly going about their job - and what a job! These young lads put their  lives at risk every day and we forget that, when we see images of war, there are photographers putting their lives on the line too  - for a photo to bear witness. Brave man. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

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  1. A humbling piece Nicola. I hope you have a very creative and productive 2011