Friday, 28 January 2011

Assignment 1 - Tutor Feedback

Just received by e-mail the report from my tutor on Assignment 1 images and coursework.

I haven't had much contact so far with my tutor and did wonder if I should be keeping in touch with him more, but his feedback has been positive with some very encouraging comments and also some suggestions on areas of improvement. I can't take issue with any of his comments.

I now have a deadline of April for Assignment 2 which I have said I should have no trouble achieving and I mean to keep to that deadline this time. I have a few images to re-print for Assignment 1 and I think I may change one of the images, "continuous" completely.

I'm feeling much more positive about my submissions and how to present them now that I've got this first report back and looking at comments left by fellow students it's a fairly common experience. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into Assignment 2.


  1. Great to here the feedback was positive Nicola - well done. One thing I do when I get mine back is write a short reflections piece and put it with the assignment to demonstrate how I've used the feedback to improve and advance as a photographer and within the course.
    Kind Regards

  2. Great advise on the reflections piece fatherpie. I will make a note to do that too.

    Nicola - who is setting the deadlines for your assignments? My tutor has said nothing to me about dates for submission etc.

  3. Hi Amir.
    My tutor set me a date for my assignment very soon after starting the course (although I went well past it for my first assignment).
    He's given me a date in April for my second assignment too.

    In general I haven't had much contact with my tutor but I'd email him if I had any queries. I'm sure your tutor won't mind if you email him and ask for advise if you need to.

  4. Great for the positive feedback on the first assignment Nicola and the images look really good to me.