Friday, 7 January 2011

Posted - Hooray.........

It's gone. Posted. Finally....Assignment 1 off to my tutor.

Have to say that has taken so much longer than I anticipated mainly due to my indecision about which images to use. I'm hoping that once I get the feedback from my tutor I'll have a better idea of what is expected and thanks to fellow student "Fatherpie" who seems to confirm this.

There is a difference between how I visualised the images for this assignment and either my technical or creative ability to recreate these due to lack of experience or knowledge. At some stage I had to decide that the images produced met the brief and am satisfied with them at this stage.

Now. Let's get cracking on Part 2 of the course..........


  1. Nicky - think that kind of indecision is fairly commonplace. I certainly experienced it - and still do - although it gets less with practice. There's always the thought that things could be just that bit better if only you hung on - I've heard it called paralysis by analysis. The only answer is to press the send button.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks Guys. Nigel you hit it on the head exactly. You can quote me here - I won't be so indecisive with the next assignment. Lesson learnt.

  3. Best of luck Nicola. I found that my first presentation was a bit ropey - in terms of printing and presentation - but that after a few you get into the swing of things. It's not something the course expressly sets out to teach you but you learn by doing.