Monday, 17 January 2011

The Relationship Between Points

Exercise - 3 photographs

Having established that the point is the most basic design element, with more than one point in the frame the relationship between points must be taken into account. The object of this exercise is to find normally occurring situations where there are two points and take 3 images noting which point is stronger and why.

According to Michael Freeman in "The Photographer's Eye" the relationship between two points depends on several factors. Which point, if any, is dominant in the image, where they are placed within the frame and the effect the background has on the image.

When you look at an image with two distinct points your eye tends to move from one point to the other usually from the stronger point to the weaker in a straight line. This is why when you view an image with two points placed at equal distances within the frame you look back and forth without settling on any one point, as in the image of the eyes below.

After looking back and forth a few times you start to look for something in the image that will tell the points apart.

Image 2

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In this image the points are positioned centrally and equidistant from the edge of the frame. As in the image of the eyes this means that neither point is stronger in the composition than the other. You could argue that there is still an active sense of movement within the frame however as your brain recognises that the subjects are walking out of frame.

Image 3

Sometimes in an image the point that is nearer to the centre of the frame is the strongest element but in this instance I think the strongest element is the windsurfer with the green kite. This is the larger of the two points and nearer the camera therefore my eye is drawn to it first. There is an implied line between the two surfers from left to right. The empty space at the top of the frame and the fact that the windsurfers have their backs to camera suggests a direction of movement into the frame and away from the camera.

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