Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thinking about Assignment 2

This week I have been thinking about the images I would like to assemble for Assignment 2.
These are due to be with my tutor by mid April and so far, unlike Assignment 1, I am on track to achieve that date for submission.

I have found this section of the course much easier. Perhaps easier isn't the right word, I have certainly found I have been much more decisive about which images to use for the exercises and seem to have settled on an idea for the assignment and stuck with it this time. At least I learnt that lesson from Assignment 1!

With this in mind I took a trip to Edinburgh Old Town this week and came home with quite a few possible images for the assignment. Black and white and street photography are something that I have had a urge to experiment with for a while now and this is the ideal opportunity to combine the two - although strictly speaking the street photography won't be concentrating on the people in the street but the graphic elements of the streets. I've also invested in Lightroom as I'm told, by those who know better than me, that black and white processing using Lightroom gives better results. I would dearly loved to have used my old Pentax film camera with some Ilford back and white film for the images but due to lack of use the shutter has seized and unfortunately it's not worth repairing. I've also upgraded my printer to an Epson R2400, which I got second hand, and had to replace all 8 inks.

So that's a day return train ticket to Edinburgh, Lightroom, a printer, inks, Oh.... and now that I've put Lightroom on my PC I need to increase the RAM. I was going to eat this month but that will have to wait.....expensive hobby this photography, but never mind, the pictures are coming on a treat.


  1. Eating is for wimps!!

  2. Dave, you have no idea how much I love my food..