Saturday, 26 March 2011

Assignment 2 - continued

These are the remaining 6 images for the assignment on Elements of Design. They represent:
  • A combination of vertical and horizontal lines
  • several points in a shape
  • distinct shapes
  • at least two implied triangles
  • rhythm
A combination of vertical and horizontal lines.
Aperture Priority f/8 ISO200 1/15sec
Several points in a shape. 
Aperture Priority f/11 ISO200 1/40sec
Distinct shapes. 
Aperture Priority f/8 ISO200 1/250sec
Two implied triangles.
Aperture Priority f/8 ISO200 1/500sec

Aperture Priority f/8 ISO200 1/500sec

Aperture Priority f/11 ISO200 1/60sec
All the images have been printer on Epson gloss photo paper to A4 size and backed with card, so now all I need to do is type up the accompanying notes and post the assignment off to my tutor. I hope to have it in the post to him by Wednesday this week which is a minor miracle considering that I was weeks overdue sending off Assignment 1. Fingers crossed the rest of the course goes so smoothly. Your comments on the images are appreciated.

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