Friday, 25 March 2011

Assignment 2 - Elements of Design

Assignment 2 - at least 10 photographs.

Assignment 2 concentrates on incorporating the theory of design into a set of at least 10 images taken of one type of subject. These are the first 5 images in the Assignment all taken in the streets of Edinburgh and produced in black and white. They show the following effects:
  • single point dominating the composition
  • two points
  • diagonals
  • curves
  • pattern
 A single point dominating the composition.
Aperture Priority f/5.6 ISO200 1/800sec
Two points.
Aperture Priority f/11 ISO200 1/320sec

Aperture Priority f/8 ISO200 1/320sec
Aperture Priority f/8 ISO400 1/60sec

Aperture Priority f/8 ISO200 1/50sec

The images above were all taken using a Canon 400d camera with either a Canon 18-55mm, 55-250mm or Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens. Adobe Lightroom was used in the conversion to black and white.
I am particularly pleased with the images representing curved and pattern for this exercise. If anyone would like to make any suggestions for improvement or comment on these images, good or bad, please feel free. This is the first time I have used Lightroom so I may have missed a few "tricks" in processing.


  1. Hi Nicola.
    I am also a student on the same course, although a few weeks behind you. It has been interesting to look at various aspects of you blog + learn from it. I was particularly interested to read your comments on your approach to assignment 2 following feedback. Your links and reading list were particularly informative, and I have spent an afternoon following them instead of getting out with my camera.
    From the pictures put forward for assignment 2 I particularly like the ones for patterns and curves.

  2. Thank you Caroline. I'm sorry I messed up your day out today I often fall into the same trap when I get caught up in someone else's blog.

    I like to read fellow students blogs too and even if they are on a different course find it quite useful. "Curves" is also my favourite image
    from the group but funnily enough my tutor suggested some changes to it. I'm still thinking that through..keep you posted. Good luck with the rest of the course. I better get a move on with mine though or you'll be overtaking me.. I've fallen a bit behind again.....