Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Assignment 2 - Tutor Feedback

This week I received my tutor feedback on Assignment 2 - Elements Of Design. His comments were on the whole positive and I am delighted. That's not to say everything was perfect but all the thought and effort that went into it seems to have paid off. Earlier in my blog I commented that I was particularly enjoying this part of the course and that was perhaps because I tended to use strong design elements in my images anyway and my tutors feedback seems to echo this.

When I submitted my first assignment I was a little concerned that the standard of printing of my images was below par but since I have been using my new Epson printer I am much happier and my tutor has commented that my prints are good in that respect and are well presented. The use of black and white for this exercise was also a good choice.

Technically with the possible exception of one image (Rhythm) the pictures are all good. The images for A Single Point and Rhythm are his favourite, although Rhythm needs a slight boost in contrast.

Single Point
Diagonal was probably his least favourite. While "well composed" and "interesting " it didn't have a strong diagonal feel for him. I'll need to mull that over for a while before I decide what I want to do with that image, if anything, for the final assessment.
I seem to be doing well with my blog although he has suggested looking at artists across all media and not just photography and to try to develop a more self critical approach to my work. That's something I do but not generally for public consumption on here. A lot of self criticism goes on in my head and I find it quite difficult to explain my thought processes in writing. There's also a fear element involved. Are my pictures even good enough at this early stage to consider doing the full degree? Why do other students seem to understand all the mumbo jumbo arty speak and be able to reflect on it in their blogs and I need a dictionary just to read one chapter of Susan Sontag's book? If I comment will I say something stupid?

I like looking at other artists and students work in both photography and art. I find it inspiring. I know when I like something and when I don't but can't always explain why. I'm hoping that this will develop along with my photography and realise that self criticism is as much a part of the course as the photography. Its all part of the learning process.

I'm almost ready to start Part 3 of the course which is - Colour. There are just one or two pictures to upload for the exercises and Part 2 is complete. Assignment 3 has to be with my tutor by July 1st and I'm determind to meet the deadline again.


  1. Congratulations on getting such good feedback.

    I do believe that your ability to see and analyse images will grow with time and practice. This time next year you will probably look back and be amazed at how far you've come.

    I think everyone worries about sounding foolish sometimes but there's no better way to learn than to join in.

  2. I totally agree with Eileen - just do it! :-)

    I also totally disagree with your statement that you are not good enough for a degree as well - so consider yourself "virtually" told off ;-P

    I love your work as you know and think that mono was a great choice for the topic as by removing colour you enable the viewer to concentrate on the design, I did exactly the same for my assignment. With regards to diagonal I would personally replace it on reflection. One thing I do after every assignment is writ me a small reflective essay and place it with the original assignment together with a small to-do list of things I am going to do/change as a result of the feedback. Any new or re-worked prints then go as an appendix to the original submission. That way the assessors see the original work , my reaction to the feedback and then separately anything I have changed as a result.

    Catch you soon


  3. Thanks Dave.I feel suitably told off!

    Thats a great idea about a reflective piece in with the original assignment - I might need to pinch that idea!

  4. Be my guest! I just think it's a good way to demonstrate taking on board feedback and learning from it.