Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Colour Relationships. Part 2

Exercise - 3 or 4 photographs

For this exercise I have to produce 3 or 4 images with colour combinations that appeal to me and don't necessarily follow the rules of colour relationships.

This first image was taken at the Railway Museum in York and is an abstract shot showing the reflection of a car on an old railway engine.

Red and yellow when combined in an image are contrasting and create an element of tension. In this case the red is not a pure hue but more a deep, dense burgundy colour. Likewise the yellow is not a brilliant, bright yellow but slightly darker. The proportion of each colour within the image helps this combination work.

The relative brightness of the yellow reflection, although occupying a smaller area, draws your eye and brings the reflection to the foreground. Whereas the deeper, heavier red acts as a solid background.

This second image to me just says summer. The bright sunshine makes the image feel warm even though the colours are essentially cool. The fresh green leaves and peaceful garden bench in the shade suggest a quiet place to rest on a hot summers day.

St Andrews Botanical Gardens
In contrast to the first image, I like how this image makes me feel rather than just the colours for their own sake.

The Gyles - Pittenweem, Fife

According to Von Goethe's theory on colour values blue has a value of 4 and orange a value of 8 therefore in order for the image above to be harmonious there should be twice the area of blue to orange to balance the scene. This isn't the case but the addition of the neural fawn area of stonework breaks up the two areas of orange which reduces their overall intensity and the green accents help to direct the viewers gaze away from the blocks of colour and create a pleasing image.

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