Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Thank You.

I'd like to say a big Thank You to my fellow students at the OCA who have provided support and encouragement recently whilst I have struggled for what feels like forever with Assignment 3. The good news is that it is progressing slowly. 

That's not all the good news either- earlier this month I received notification that my image "Winter Pavilion" has been accept for the Dingwall 2011 Exhibition. As this is the first time I have entered an image into an external competition I am chuffed to bits.

Winter Pavilion

Although I've never considered giving up the course I definitely needed to lay it aside for a couple of weeks to give my brain a rest. I don't recommend concentrating on the same topic for so long - it would seem I  have encountered the same problem as with Assignment 1 in being overly self critical. That's not to say I haven't been out taking photographs though.

Earlier this week I paid a visit to the Mcmanus Gallery in Dundee where there is currently an exhibition of photographs by Cecil Beaton. These are mainly black and white portraits of the Queen taken through the years. It's an interesting exhibition and I would recommend it especially to anyone studying portrait photography. I don't suppose you photograph the Queen without giving it some thought but I was amazed at the amount of work that went into hand painting the elaborate backdrops and time spent planning costumes in extraordinary detail.

Another reason for my visit is that the gallery itself has been refurbished and is a lovely mix of old and new architecture.

There are two spiral staircases in the building. The original has mosaic tiles, wrought iron rails and flagstone treads which are nicely illuminated and the new stairway looks like a steel and concrete structure. No prizes for guessing which I prefer..although both are beautiful in their own way.

Spiral Stairway - original
New  Stairway
At the corner of the new staircase there is an art installation which reminded me that I should be taking pictures for Assignment 3 - colour.

Artful Recycling
This artwork seems to be made up of waste disinfectant bottles - there was definitely some "toilet duck" in there. It's a very original and colourful use of materials.

It's just a pity it wasn't two tone -  then I could have used it for my Assignment!


  1. congratulations on getting into the Exhibition Nicola - that's a great achievement.


  2. I am glad that you are making progress on the assignment now Nicola - hope things continue to progress now you are back in the swing of it. Many congratulations on getting your picture accepted - it is lovely.