Saturday, 31 December 2011

Colour Contrasts - Red and Blue

Colour Contrasts - Red and Blue

Both of these images show a red/blue colour combination but are markedly different in style.

Image 1 - Trawlers at Pittenweem
ISO 125, shutter speed 1/100 at f/11
Both the blue and red are powerful colours in this image which has been cropped tightly to remove any distracting elements and ensure that the colours are the dominant features. In this instance the image was underexposed by 0.3 stop to increase the colour saturation.

Image 2 - Poppies
ISO 100, shutter speed 1/320sec at f/8
In order to balance the deeply saturated red with the paler blue in this image the blue needs to occupy a larger proportion of the frame. This has been achieved by using a low viewpoint when taking the image to increase the area of sky. In hindsight the saturation of the blue could have been increased by using a polarising filter to increase it's depth further.

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  1. The colour combinations are really striking Nicola.

    Happy New Year to you.