Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Assignment 3 - Tutor Feedback

Blimey, he's quick my tutor. 

I have received his report on my third assignment and overall I am very pleased. He has commended me on my "enquiring and inventive approach" and also "experimentation" in relation to the refracted light images which I was most concerned about. 

There are only three images that I may need to consider improving on..two are accent colour pictures. 

1 - Green Trainer - he felt the green was too large in the frame to be considered an accent. This comes back to the same question in relation to a single point in Assignment 2. When is something too large in the frame to be considered a point or a colour an accent? I may be better using this image as an example of a complementary colour combination and finding another subject for colour accent.

2 - Buoys and Nets - again the orange is too large to be regarded as an accent.

3 - Purple Cabbage Flower - here my tutor feels that the colour combination is complementary rather than contrasting.  In hindsight I have to agree. Magenta falls between red and purple on the colour wheel and is therefore opposite yellow/green.

Overall he commented on a " good variety of images" and my notes that accompanied the images were "comprehensive". After the weeks and months of struggle with this assignment I am pleased that there are so few negatives in his report and that I can concentrate on something else for a while.

As with all the other Assignments to date I am leaving any amendments to the images until I am required to submit them for the final formal Assignment. I feel a bit of breathing space between the subjects and time for reflection on the course as a whole might result in different images being submitted than if I rush to amend them now.


  1. Congratulations Nicola!!!! You worked hard for it !!!!

  2. Leopin and Dave,
    thanks for your support. Without fellow students encouragement this distance learning lark could get pretty hard. Thanks.