Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Assignment 3 - Tutor Feedback

Blimey, he's quick my tutor. 

I have received his report on my third assignment and overall I am very pleased. He has commended me on my "enquiring and inventive approach" and also "experimentation" in relation to the refracted light images which I was most concerned about. 

There are only three images that I may need to consider improving on..two are accent colour pictures. 

1 - Green Trainer - he felt the green was too large in the frame to be considered an accent. This comes back to the same question in relation to a single point in Assignment 2. When is something too large in the frame to be considered a point or a colour an accent? I may be better using this image as an example of a complementary colour combination and finding another subject for colour accent.

2 - Buoys and Nets - again the orange is too large to be regarded as an accent.

3 - Purple Cabbage Flower - here my tutor feels that the colour combination is complementary rather than contrasting.  In hindsight I have to agree. Magenta falls between red and purple on the colour wheel and is therefore opposite yellow/green.

Overall he commented on a " good variety of images" and my notes that accompanied the images were "comprehensive". After the weeks and months of struggle with this assignment I am pleased that there are so few negatives in his report and that I can concentrate on something else for a while.

As with all the other Assignments to date I am leaving any amendments to the images until I am required to submit them for the final formal Assignment. I feel a bit of breathing space between the subjects and time for reflection on the course as a whole might result in different images being submitted than if I rush to amend them now.


  1. Congratulations Nicola!!!! You worked hard for it !!!!

  2. Nice one! Chuffed for you :-)

  3. Leopin and Dave,
    thanks for your support. Without fellow students encouragement this distance learning lark could get pretty hard. Thanks.