Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Final few images for Assignment 3 - completed.

Assignment 3 has finally been completed and posted to my tutor. I have a few notes to write up on some of the photographers work that I have been looking at throughout this section of the course but otherwise that's it done and dusted until I receive his response.

These are the final four images I included. 

The Spectrum of Colour

The following images show abstract designs of diffused and refracted light through soap bubbles using a table top set-up. An angle poise lamp was placed at a 45 degree angle to the camera which was set on a tripod. I placed black card alongside the lamp at approximately the same angle to narrow the spread of the light.

Then using a solution of soap bubbles and a metal wire shaped into a circle I attempted to take very close up images of the colours as they appeared in the bubbles. Initially I attempted to pre-focus on where the bubble should appear but this failed as the positioning of the wire to the lamp and also the camera was critical to seeing the colours of the refracted light. Eventually I succeeded in achieving some pictures correctly exposed and in focus. They looked a bit like this:

As I don’t own a macro lens I had to work with the lenses I have and therefore have had to crop the images quite closely to isolate different colour combination. Each shot showed a huge combination of colours and pattern. By selecting only a small area of each image the combinations are endless. The four below are the images with colour combinations or patterns that appealed to me the most. 

I suppose these are a bit like Hermann Rorschach’s ink blot tests although more colourful and not symmetrical. If you look at the images for a period of time you begin to see pictures or shapes evolving.

This image has combinations of the colours yellow, magenta, blue and green in the same frame. If you isolate small areas you can see combinations of similar colours e.g. blue/green and contrasting colours e.g. yellow/blue.

These final two images I have shown as a diptych as the colour combinations are similar. 

The combination of colours in these four images are ones that appeal to me and may not be to every ones liking. In this series they are all very vivid highly saturated colours. With some digital post processing it would be possible to create some very interesting colours and patterns - perhaps less vivid or bright.

In this instance, as the project is colour I wanted the images to be dramatic so decided to include them as taken. All were shot as raw files with no alteration to hue or saturation.  

I have taken a risk including these in my assignment but hope they show my tutor that I am trying to be a bit more creative and at the same time improving my camera skills.

Fingers crossed....


  1. Good luck! I love the bubble pics - great stuff :-)

  2. What a great idea you had.......and the results are so pictorial!!!!! They look like animals in a coloured sea!!!!! congratulations!!!!!

  3. Thanks. The yellow/blue image? Looks to me like fish swimmimg against the tide. Must be going mad..

  4. Really creative Nicola and such lively colours.

  5. Fascinating bubble shots- I could spend hours looking at them.
    Great job!

  6. Thanks catherine & Barry I appreciate the support - I was so looking forward to this section of the course but it has been a nightmare.

    I'm loving the baby pics Barry - congratulations.