Thursday, 27 September 2012

Assignment 4 - Thought and Ideas

Finally. My camera has been returned from repair and I can get stuck into assignment 4 properly.

The past few weeks I've been catching up on writing some posts for the exercises already completed for section 4 of my coursework. I love taking pictures. Anything and everything. I can't tell you how much I have missed having my camera.

In it's absence I've been trying to decide what the "object" should be that I need to photograph for this assignment. It's suggested something with colour, shape, form and texture should be used to demonstrate the effects of light and looking at other students work these objects are quite varied. Initially I had thought about using my daughter and took a few speculative photographs to see how this might work out.

This is probably the best image in the series. I particularly like how there are still details in the shadow areas which suggests a 3 dimensional shape rather than a 2 dimensional silhouette. I have no experience of using studio lighting and although I had borrowed some professional lights, getting the correct angles and effects was harder on this scale than using a table top set up which is much easier to move around and position correctly. There are a few other images taken in candle light and outdoors which could be improved upon so I haven't completely set aside this as a possibility.

I don't see any point in taking the easy option when completing the assignments but I do have to consider the time constraints here and I certainly don't want to get bogged down by indecision the same way I did with assignment 3 - colour. A still life series would be so much more time efficient but I feel that would be the easier option for me. Do I want to make the compromise? Would I learn as much? Probably not but I fear this time around I will have to settle on the easier option or risk not completing this course. Finding a day when both my daughter and I are free at the same time is proving impossible in the next few weeks. As I am planning on continuing my studies with the OCA People and Places module perhaps portrait photography is something I can concentrate on then. For now I think I have to be realistic and find another suitable subject for the assignment.

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  1. Hi Nicola. I was jut wondering whether you will be taking this forward. I have really enjoyed following your blogs and whilst our styles are very different you have been a great source of inspiration and motivation. I know how difficult it can be to maintain momentum... I too am stuck on Part 4 of the module- although I am still trying to motivate myself to start exercises 2-13! In respect of Assignment 4 perhaps using Studio lighting is in fact the easy option.... I say that because Studio lighting allows you to set and control colour temperature, and intensity along with the angle of lighting as you please, while delivering the project using only natural may prove the more challenging assignment. Paolo