Monday, 17 September 2012

Personal Project.

I Like Your Style - Project

My personal project finally gets off the ground.

Despite still not having my camera returned from repair I have finally managed to add my first image to the personal project I have started alongside and as a continuation of my coursework.

I borrowed a friends camera and wandered around the streets of St Andrews on a mission to find the first image for my "I Like Your Style" project. I plucked up the courage to ask a young lady, who looked amazing, if I could take her picture as part of my coursework. Thankfully she agreed without any hesitation. I had previously set up my camera so that there would be no delay and took just one image.

It was a sunny evening with the sun quite low in the sky which has helped to add a warmth to the image. I used a little fill in flash as we were in the shade despite the sunshine.
I admit to feeling very apprehensive about approaching  the young lady but her reaction was delight rather than the suspicion I was expecting.  I remembered to give her a copy of my blog address so that she could see what I was working on but forgot in my haste to escape to ask her name. Luckily she has since contacted me to say how pleased she was at being asked for her picture and provided her details for my "I Like Your Style" page.
As a first encounter with photographing strangers in the street it went much better than I expected. I don't expect I will always be so lucky.
The points to remember for next time.

What worked well
  • Seize the moment and just ask. I know I'll regret it later if I don't.
  • Have my camera set up and ready to shoot straight away.
  • Remember to carry my camera at all times.

What didn't work so well
  • Try not to rush. Although people may be reluctant to stop because they are busy, once they have agreed remember not to waste the opportunity  - get a good picture and all the information you need. 

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