Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tutors Feedback - Assignment 4

Assignment 4 - Feedback

My tutor has responded very quickly to my latest assignment despite it being the Christmas holiday period. His comments were brief but I am pleased that he has only suggested a minor adjustment to one image, image 6 - Texture - which he feels has a rather blue colour balance.

Thankfully it is not a case of re-taking the picture only reprocessing and possibly adjusting the white balance in the RAW file. As with the other 3 assignments I have completed I will defer judgement on changing any other images until I have completed the course and reviewed the feedback in preparation for formal assessment.

His closing comments were as follows:
This is an interesting series of pictures that goes beyond what could be a rather academic exercise. You have developed a good understanding of the use of light. Your approach to a subject is quite often innovative, leading to some interesting compositions and ideas. This can only be beneficial in developing your own creative style and in your progress through levels two and three.
As there was no mention of my learning log/blog I assume he either didn't have time to look at it or is satisfied with how it was progressing.

I have a very tight timescale to complete Assignment 5 now as this is due by the end of January or I may have to apply for another extension. Luckily I have been doing some of the reading leading up to this section already. I have bought an excellent book from the Basics creative photography series by AVA Academia called "Context and Narrative" by Maria Short who is a lecturer in photography at the University of Brighton. So far I've only read a few chapters but I can recommend it if you are studying TAOP and especially if your are about to embark on Part 5 of the course - Narrative and Illustration. As far as academic reads go its a very easy read and introduces the subject of narrative and context at a level that I have found very easy to understand. The text is accompanied with images which demonstrate the points raised as well as stimulating further research.

I'm looking forward to getting into a new topic of study and leaving the long hard slog of lighting behind.


  1. Well done, they are a classy set of images. Dave

  2. Nicely done Nicola, a great set of images.