Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Assignment 4 - Preperation for formal assessment

Amendments Assignment 4

My tutor feedback for this assignment was quite brief. His comment that my "approach to a subject is often quite innovative, leading to some interesting compositions and ideas" was a highlight. He commented briefly on the 8 images of the assignment and as a result I have amended and reprinted only 2 of the images.

Texture 1

Texture reprint
My tutor commented - "Your lighting technique has revealed the texture very well. I suggest that the colour balance is rather too blue."

I studied the print again as a result of his comments and can clearly see the coolness in the image. I don't know how I missed it the first time around and having re-opened the RAW file can see the colour temp recorded at 4650 kelvin which would explain the blue tone. I have adjusted the colour temp to 5700 and reprinted the image.

Shape 2

Shape reprint
Although my tutor did not comment on the white balance in this image I felt it too had a rather cool colour cast and was also slightly underexposed. I have corrected both of these issues and reprinted the image for assessment.

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