Sunday, 25 August 2013

Assignment 5 - Applying the techniques of illustration and narrative.

Assignment 5
The final assignment requires images for 6-12 pages of a story to illustrate a magazine. The theme of the project itself is unimportant but the images must work together as a set to illustrate the project from start to finish. As ideally you are creating a picture essay which will tell the story the text to accompany the images is unimportant but brief captions are required to explain and link each image.

In order for this to succeed the images will need to be informative, varied and interesting.

Things to consider:
  • sequence of events. i.e. images which show project from beginning to completion. An eye catching introduction to the project to set the scene.
  • size and positioning of images to show continuity and progression of the project.
  • viewpoint - distant, large scale or close up.
  • use of colour to catch the viewers attention and influence an emotional response from the viewer.

With these points in mind I have presented the following magazine pages to my tutor for his feedback. At the moment this is printed but my initial idea was to produce this in digital format. I may revert to this idea depending on my tutors feedback.

Below are the individual pages and a brief note on my thinking behind the images used and their placement.

Front Cover

  • illustrative
  • void space for text
  • the essence of the subject
  • a hint at what's to follow
  • uses bold eye catching colours which are continued throughout the magazine.

Page 1 - About Pittenweem
  • the larger image gives an overview of the village and illustrates the importance of the harbour to the area.
  • the 2 smaller images pick up interesting details.

Page 2 - About the Festival
  • larger image - use of the diagonal to make the image more dynamic.
  • visitors arriving and all moving in one direction.
  • smaller images illustrating the significance of the signs and how small spaces are transformed into gallery space.

Page 3 and 4 - International Artists

  • centre spread illustrating importance of the international artists and their work.
  • more "serious" muted colour tones used 

Page 5 - Food at the Festival
  • bringing the viewer back to the location of the event
  • demonstrating the festivals popularity and the relationship that binds all aspects of it to the fishing harbour.

Page 6 - Family Fun
  • demonstrates a wide range of activities
  • important to show all ages and families.

Back Cover
  • continues the "family Fun" element of the previous page.
  • rounds off the magazine with a display that would also be the finale at an event.


  1. Hi Nicola,

    I have just been reading your most recent post in your blog - Assignment 5 - Applying the techniques of illustration and narrative. Your work is such an inspiration!

    I'm a bit behind you, and as such, will be beginning the final 'magazine' project tomorrow. It is so helpful to see your wonderful work and read you very 'grounded' approach to the forthcoming assessment. I feel a whole lot less nervous about it all now thanks to your thoughts on preparation.

    What are your future plans for your photography? Will you be continuing with the OCA?

    Every best wish for your assessment: I hope it all goes well!

    Take care,
    Rob Marchment

    1. Thanks Rob. My tutor feedback wasn't too bad. Maybe a few format changes but not a major re-do.

      I hope to continue with People and places next with the OCA and get it wrapped up much quicker than I did this course.(Which wouldn't be difficult!!) What about yourself? Another course?

  2. It looks really well put together Nicola. Wishing you all the best for Assessment.

    1. Thank you Catherine. Final leg of this course. Looking forward to getting it finished.