Monday, 12 August 2013

Preperation for formal assessment. Assignment 2 - Reflections

Formal Assessment Preparation

Work starts in earnest now to prepare and focus all my efforts on the formal assessments in November. With a view to this I have prepared a plan of action.

1. Ensure I have all the required criteria and guidelines from the OCA downloaded and read before I start anything else.

2. Review, assess and rework one assignment at a time paying particular attention to my tutors feedback.

3. Print and organise each assignment fully so that it requires no further work then leave it alone.

4. Print up the accompanying notes to include along with my tutors feedback.

5. On a practical level order ink, photo paper and a display box for presentation of the assignment.

6. Complete and tidy up my learning log. This I am dreading as I have various exhibition notes, exercises and some reading to catch up on. However as the mark for the blog is only a small proportion of overall marks I must concentrate on my prints and their content first.

So today, I ordered all my supplies, printed off the guidelines and read them all and have reviewed my tutors feedback.

As assignment 1 is included with the work sent for formal assessment but not graded I have decided to start my re-evaluation of the assignments on assignment 2 - Elements of Design.

My original thoughts on the assignment and tutor feedback is here - and having looked back at the images and having had time to reassess my tutors comments I have decided to made the following changes.


Original image.
Pattern Original
My tutor commented " good framing and use of space. The cropping has resulted in a lower quality than others here and the image is possibly over sharpened."

Both these points seem valid however the image is neither cropped or sharpened. So the poor image quality is probably due to poor camera technique on my part coupled with the fact the image is of a very grimy railway station roof. Technical as well as visual skills form part of the assessment therefore I have replaced the image with this new one.



Original image.
Diagonal original
My tutor commented "The multiplicity of lines and patterns make this an interesting picture, well composed, although it doesn't have a strong diagonal feel for me".
I looked at this image again and considered cropping the image to below the horizontal iron bar at the top of the frame. However this actually makes the diagonal line of the railway tracks even less pronounced. Personally I can see diagonals all over the image but, being the first time I have had any work formally assessed and not being sure just quite what to expect, I have deferred to his judgement and replaced the image with this one.


Certainly the new image has much more obvious diagonals in both the structure and shadows however I feel it's a bit predictable.


Original image.
Curve original

My tutor commented "There are all manner of complex curves here and the couple make a good focal point. The lighting has revealed the right hand structure really well but the left side is a little muddled. For this exercise you could maybe have focused on the right side of the walkway, possibly using portrait format with a wider-angle view".

In the size and format shown here it is very obvious that the top left corner of the picture draws the eye. It's certainly more noticeable on the digital image than the print. However I took several other images at the time and have decided to use the one below in my submission. As suggested I had cropped out the left hand side and still included a figure as a focal point. However I don't agree that a portrait format, even with a wider-angle of view, might have been better and am sticking to landscape format.

Finally - I have re-printed all the images on Epson semi gloss paper ensuring the print is technically perfect. i.e. no blown highlights, blocked shadows, banding etc and left a margin for handling around each print. The prints are all labelled and not mounted as requested.

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