Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Amendments to Assignment 5 following feedback

Assignment 5 - amendments made prior to formal assessment

My tutor's feedback on this assignment recommended mainly changes in design and layout and not too many changes to the actual images themselves.

Front Cover
The title is bolder and now attracts more attention.

Front Cover
Page 2 - About Pittenweem Arts Festival
The main image has been cropped slightly and made smaller to allow the text to run alongside the image and provide some variety in the layout. The remaining images have been increased in size with the text relating to each image alongside.

Page 4 - Invited Artists
The main image was replaced with another sculpture by the same artist as my tutor felt the original was rather tight in the frame.

Page 5 and 6 - Food at the Festival and Family Fun
As recommended one of the images on page 5 has been removed and the layout amended to provide more variety. The images on page 6 have been increased in size and the top half of the page is now a 2 x 2 layout.

 Back Cover
Design and printing credits have been added.

Overall I enjoyed this assignment. The main headaches have been when it came to design and printing of the magazine and perhaps creating a digital copy would  have been easier. However now that it is complete I am quite pleased with my little magazine although if I were to do it all again some professional publishing software would be a prerequisite.


  1. Looking good Nicola, great images in there!

    1. Thanks Rich..can't wait to get it finished and start next course.

  2. Wishing you all the best at Assessment.